Selasa, 27 November 2007

The Dark Trilogy is the New Hit *Phillip Pullman

Sudah beberapa pekan ini noticed ada berita terkait film 'The Golden Compass', tapi agak cuek.

Baru ngeh ketika baca 'Dakota Blue, the New Harry Potter'. Wah, apa maksudnya? gadis usia 13 tahun yang akan mungkin mendiktekan bayaran jutaan pound jika film perdananya sukses.

Oh no. Oh YES. Film termaksud (The Golden Compass) ternyata 'The Northern Light-Phillip Pullman yang berubah judul sesuai dengan judulnya di Amerika.

Mrs Coultier dimainkan Nicole Kidman, sedang Lord Asriel oleh Daniel Craig (Is it the right spelling?) Katanya, yang memerankan James Bond tea.

It will be nice to see how they adopt the good book into movie.

Lord of the Ring movies are better than books, although on some principles I disagree wholeheartedly with the movies. For examples, the appearance of Mordor's soldiers which are very much middle eastern-ish. Shame on the director!

Or too much weight put on the relationship between Eowyn and Aragorn. The movies are  sexier than the books. I hate the notion that good movie should include this thing.

Smart director will able to make good movie without this. Very few can be brainier. Innit?

Question is, who will be Will?

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