Rabu, 28 November 2007

AIDS, but why??

Just read an article from Guardian about six women from Lesotho who were AIDS positive. They all have children and some passed the virus to them, some managed not to.

40 % young women have AIDS. I assumed, men as well, because women have partners.

The question that nagged me is how could the percentage that high? 40% Give or take, it means half of the people.


Using the same needdle with HIV positive might give you the virus. But, we don't use needle alot. I mean, the chance is very slim if only from needle alone.

HIV is not TB which can spread through the air.

Why don't they test themselves before married to know their status, positive or not.

But, if you are virgin, and not a drug addict who use needle, how on earth you get a virus, then?

It's really bother me.

We live in society of fearing God. I mean, Lesotho is a religious community.

So, where do we do wrong in there?

How can we let babies die because of ignorance?

Wish there are answers

the story is here

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