Selasa, 27 November 2007

No More Peace in Here

8 years ago, it was a friendly and warm country, welcoming you to the fold. Now? Began after new eastern countries joined EU, Britain is less and less like its old self. 

Everyday newspaper full of the lament of native Brits. How they lost a sense of a nation, how immigrants stole their country, how immigrants changed the shape of society.

We read newspaper about exactly how many million pound British taxpayers pay for the newcomers. How rude and strange they are. How the country is being milked dry.

I agree with most issues. British government is too politically afraid to bring new regulation that can protect their citizens.

Imagine this:

Hundreds of Roman children are dumped in front of Slough civic centre by mafia/human trafficking. Every month. These children costed Slough Council 1/5 million  pound a month. 1000 new babies is born by Polish parents in NHS hospital each month! More than half student in many school are not British and cannot speak English, and therefore put more burden to school to provide translator and parent support adviser.

Council have to print pictures that warned the Polishes not to chase geese, kill swan, and eat them. Or, forget to mention, not to fish the fishes in the river!!

More bizarrely, some Polishes barricade public toilets and use them as free hotels!

What about this: Million Eastern Europe claim child benefit!! While they are not living here!

It hurts. I pay taxes and NI contribution and never claim benefit because not entittled to it. But, I keep paying NI contribution that suppossedly for my pension in later age.

Well, okay, leave me aside. Think about the majority Britons.

They left grumbling and unsatisfied.

That's why the Westminster drama which unfolding now is such a welcome!

Labour received illegal fund. (See, even the Brits have it )

The discs contain millions sensitive datas lost in the post. Million parents scrambled to change their bank account.

Jacquis Smith dodged question in the Question Time too obvioulsy. She was just not capable.

Oh yeah, one more, why oh why Sarah Brown curtsyed to Camilla?

*I feel the peace has gone from this place.....*

Indonesia kami dataaaang.

**Tetap lebih baik di Inggris, Mun. Percaya deh. Kalau aku bisa balik, aku pingin balik deh**

Lebih bahagia bersama negara tercinta...




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