Sabtu, 28 Juni 2008

Muhammad's Gold Book

*Tulisan ini ditulis Muhammad di dalam School's gold book. Apa itu gold book, jangan tanya saya. Saya juga nggak ngerti.

Ini kisahnya:

I am going to Indonesia. I will miss all my friends but I have a red book that when I miss my friends I can open the book and read all of it.

At Indonesia I will be looking forward to my house because I might have a bunk bed. In my house, I have a brother, a sister and a baby.

People write in my red book and take it home for about 1 or 2 days. They also put their emails in the red book and photos. 4 poeple wrote in it.

The plane I am going on is a Emirate to Dubai and to Indonesia is a Air Asia to Jakarta.

The year I am going to in Indonesia is 2 (kelas disebut year 1 =kelas 1, year 2, kelas 2 dsb)

When I  am in the airport of Dubie (Dubai, maksudnya), I will sleep in the airport because will have to get ready for my next journey. I will sleep in the airport for 1 day. My plane will arrive at Newcastle airport at 12.00 and I will be going at 9.00. I will be going to the airport by taxi. I have my lugage shared by my brother and my sister has her own one.

They might be an adventure everyday in school. In Malaysia, there is a place call Borneo with a forest in. 

In Indonesia, you don't have to wear any shoes.(??! Masa sih??) In Indonesia, the math is much more harder than here. There is rice field in Indonesia and sometimes we might visit it.

The money in Indonesia is not pence and pound. It is rupeiah. When I arrive at Indonesia I will be going to visit a lot of places that is in Indonesia. 

In Indonesia I will sell some books in the street.

(Baca kalimat terakhir Umi hampir terjatuh, tertawa. Aduh, Nak Sayang, jualan di jalan? Oh, boy...)  

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